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Climate Change Awareness with Girlified

Naza Agape Foundation, in partnership with Girlified, embarked on a crucial mission to educate girls on environmental sustainability, emphasize the significance of tree planting, and raise awareness about climate change.

This impactful initiative unfolded in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, with a special visit to Government Secondary School Hei Rayfield.

Importance of this Endeavor

  1. Environmental Stewardship: Teaching girls about environmental sustainability instills a sense of responsibility for the planet’s well-being, ensuring a greener and cleaner future.
  2. Climate Change Awareness: By educating girls about climate change, we empower them to understand the challenges and solutions needed to combat this global issue.
  3. Tree Planting: Planting trees contributes to reforestation, helps combat deforestation, and improves air quality, making our environment healthier.
  4. Community Engagement: Initiatives like these foster community involvement, where girls actively participate in creating positive change.
  5. Empowering Girls: Empowering girls with knowledge about sustainability and climate change equips them to be leaders and advocates in their communities and beyond.
  6. Giving Back: Donating trees and other items to Government Secondary School Hei Rayfield showcases our commitment to supporting educational institutions and the environment.

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