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63rd Independence

Happy Independence Nigeria. 

We’ve come this far as a nation, as a people. Despite everything we stand firm—63 years of independence and growth.

October 1, 2023.

Here we stand,
As a people, as a nation, as a heritage, and as the apple of God’s eyes, whatever the wavering situation may be, God did make us super unique.

We are Nigerians,
We –
The nation that will survive no matter what,
We –
The nation where its people are exceptional in what they do across the world
We –
A nation where the love of our mothers, fathers, siblings, community, the soil, and the earth knows us and immerses us in one whole spirit.

My people, Dear all,
Today, and once again, I praise the heavens for another Nigerian anniversary, to rejoice and not to be dismayed that come what may, we will succeed and today we carry the memories of greatness from within.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria 🇳🇬
Happy New Month

Fly the flag high🏳🇳🇬🕊

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