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Ms. Prayer Nwagboso Ikegwuonu, founder of Naza Agape foundation, observed a lot of less privileged intelligent and promising children being denied access to basic amenities of life while growing up and this was a great concern to her. She also noticed the effect of insurgencies on children and the adverse effects it leaves in its wake. A lot of children can’t go to school, most don’t have what to eat, and that pained her a lot.

She made a promise to her that she will find ways to come back and add value to her childhood community (Bukuru, Plateau state Nigeria). When she gained admission into the University (Covenant University), one of her major prayer points was that God blesses her with resources so she’ll visit Orphanage homes when she had breaks. God answered and she did visit such homes – Alone or with her friends.

Fast forward to 2018 May. A culture in Covenant University is that every graduating set is required to embark on a worthy Community Development Project. Her set came up with so many community projects. But one of the most outstanding of them all was “The Book Drive”. The Book Drive was chosen as the major project. The initiative was aimed at amassing 1 Million Books across Nigeria to impact schools in line with the United Nation’s SDG 4: Quality education. She excitedly jumped on the project because she had been praying for such an opportunity. 

After the success of the Book Drive community project, there was still so much longing in her to help the less privileged. She needed more platforms to add value. After her convocation, the idea of what name to use for the NGO started coming up. So she named it Nas Foundation (the word “Nas” was coined from my tribal name “Chinaza” – while growing most people called me Nas or Naza).

When she returned home in August 2018, the Lord instructed her to go to the Geosciences IDP camp along Vom Road, Bukuru Express and check up on the Displaced Persons. She went with some donations and she noticed some needs. She noticed that there was no form of education going on in the camp. Most of the children were just running around the compound doing nothing every day aside from their morning chores. This spurred her to mobilize some of her Book Drive team members from Covenant University to join her in teaching the displaced children.

When she started teaching at the camp, she received support from her family, some educated leaders at the camp and Red Cross members. As they expanded, she made a timetable for teaching the Children and more people joined her. A lot of people supported the project from the onset. In December 2018, with the help of sponsors, she organized a Christmas party for the children. In the process of getting registered by the Cooperate Affairs Commission, her Dad and her were combing names and the name “Naza Agape Foundation” was birthed. ‘Naza’ from her name ‘Chinaza’ and “Agape” which means “God’s unconstitutional Love”.

By the Grace of God and support from many individuals, organizations and referrals, Naza Agape foundation, from the Year 2018 to 2021, has impacted about 5,000 lives across the globe. This ranges from sending less privileged children back to School, Impact Projects, Book Donation Campaigns, Project Feed 5000, Free Extra Moral classes, Clothe a Child, Christmas Programs with IDPs and many other Projects. In 2019, the Naza Agape Foundation partnered with UNESCO and SAP to train 1065 young girls and 75 teachers on coding and computer literacy.

In June 2020, a young lady from Pakistan reached out to us about her intention to start a Naza Agape Foundation project in Pakistan which would teach less privileged Children mostly street kids that can’t afford education for free. She started with less than 7 children in the month of June 2020 and by December, there were more than 90 less privileged Children receiving free quality education”