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Space Education Summit 2024

Space Education Summit 2024 Lands in Nigeria! 🇳🇬

Naza Agape Foundation is thrilled to share the incredible news! Today marked the Space Education Summit 2024 kickoff meeting, and we’re bringing it to Nigeria!

Why is this Summit Special?
– It’s not just an event; it’s a gateway to inspire and ignite a passion for space exploration among our young minds!
Organized by:
– Gitika Gorthi , the founder of Ignited Thinkers and Prayer Nwagboso Ikegwuonu , the founder Naza Agape Foundation
– ⁠Last year it took place in Tanzania 🇹🇿 now we are bringing it to Nigeria 🇳🇬
What’s Coming:
– Inspiring talks by astronauts, industry leaders, and experts.
– Hands-on activities bringing the wonders of space to life.
– Networking opportunities to connect with aerospace professionals.
Impact on Young Minds:
– Breaking barriers and showing every child that their dreams of reaching the stars are valid and achievable.
Why Does it Matter?
– We believe in empowering the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts, creating a diverse and inclusive space community.
How Can You Join Us?
– Support our cause by spreading the word and encouraging young minds to participate.
– ⁠You can volunteer or become a partner or sponsor the summit
– ⁠Recommend Individuals and Organizations we can work with
Calling All Dreamers:
– This summit is YOUR opportunity to explore a world beyond the sky, where your aspirations can soar higher than ever before.
Let’s make dreams take flight together!

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