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Past & Present Leaders

Team Work makes the dream work

Pst. Mordi Paul Chucks (2018 – 2020)

Pastor Paul was the first director and team head of the foundation. Hand in hand with the founder, he co-headed the operations of the Plateau state branch. He was assisted by Mwanret Gar. Under his leadership, the foundation was registered as a corporate entity and many programs like the Project Feed 5000 and Book Drive were started.

Gar Mwanret Miracle (2020 – 2021)

Mwarent took over from Pst Paul in April 2021 after having worked with him as his assistant throughout his leadership. She is a dedicated member of the foundation and served exceptionally well, championing great causes during her leadership. Among them is the Impact Project during the Covid-19 pandemic, where under her leadership, the foundation was able to mobilize volunteers to teach school children in their localities due to the lockdown. She also oversaw the phenomenal expansion of the foundation from 52 members when she took over to over a hundred volunteers just in Plateau State. Mwanret was assisted by William who took over from her as the leader.

Emadago Oghenekevwe William (2021 – 2022)

William, a climate and sustainability activist was the third Plateau State director. He joined the foundation on the 16th of December 2019. Through his steadfast dedication and commitment to achieving the foundation’s vision, he was made the assistant team leader when Mwanret became the director. The foundation saw tremendous growth during his leadership. In April 2021 William was made the interim director, a position which he held until November 2021 when he was officially appointed the director, which he had till November 2022. During his term, several foundation projects were revamped and expanded, such as the Pad A Girl Outreach, where the foundation visited 4 schools in four different regions of the state; he spearheaded the UNESCO YouthMobile Project, where the foundation partnered with UNESCO to impact 522 school girls. Under his leadership, the foundation’s website which was formerly dormant was made active, he introduced the staffing system in the foundation where volunteers are converted to paid volunteer staff, this has proven productive; his leadership also saw the growth of the foundation online. Nyipoji Kani was his assistant and together we can say they made some of the best efforts in moving the foundation to a better place.

Kevin Mercy Zumnan (2022 – Present)

Zumnan took over from William in November 2022 as the Plateau state director. She is also assisted by Nyipoji Kani who was William’s assistant. Since she became the head of the foundation in Plateau State, it has continued to see growth in volunteer dedication and online presence. Her leadership has revamped the Book Drive project, having started the 10,000 book donation campaign to collect and distribute books to students in underprivileged schools and communities. This is just one of the few areas of change she is championing. As the current leader of the branch, she is still working to build a strong organization and with the staffing system getting better by the day, she has promised to deliver great potential

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