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World Children’s Day

It’s World Children’s Day, a time set aside to celebrate amazing children all over the world and most importantly to bring to notice the challenges facing children globally.
The theme for 2023 is: FOR EVERY CHILD, EVERY RIGHT
Every World Children’s day, offers us the opportunity to advocate, promote, and celebrate children’s rights.
📌The rights of a child, as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), include:
1. Right to Life, Survival, and Development:
2. Right to Non-Discrimination:
3. Best Interests of the Child:
4. Right to Identity: Every child has the right to an identity, including a name and nationality.
5. Freedom of Expression:
6. Right to Education:
7. Protection from Economic Exploitation:
8. Right to Play and Recreation:
9. Protection from Violence, Abuse, and Neglect:
10. Right to Family Life:
These rights are just a few among the comprehensive set outlined in the CRC.
Naza Agape Foundation is focused on ensuring that the rights of every child is protected.

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