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Valentine Special Abuja: Love Day

For our Valentine’s Day, themed ‘Love Day’ we collaborated with Faith Emmanuel Foundations to organize an impactful session with the students of Haviliah Primary, Nursery, and Secondary School in Abuja. Our main aim was to enlighten the female students about the true essence of Valentine’s Day, which is all about celebrating love and affection. We highlighted the positive aspects of the day, such as spreading love, kindness, and positivity, and encouraged the students to embrace these values.

During the session, we also took the opportunity to educate the girls about the importance of using panty liners and maintaining proper hygiene during their menstrual cycle. We emphasized the need for girls to take care of their bodies and maintain good health and hygiene practices. We talked about the various types of panty liners available in the market and their benefits and also provided tips on how to use them effectively. After which we shared the Kotex Pantyliners amongst the girls.

Our goal was to create awareness about the beauty of February 14th, a day that is filled with love and positivity. We wanted the students to understand that Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, but also about celebrating the love between friends, family, and oneself. Through this partnership with Faith Emmanuel Foundations, we aimed to inspire and encourage young girls to embrace Valentine’s Day with open hearts and minds, and spread love and kindness wherever they go. and secondary school, as we were in partnership with Faith Emmanuel foundations to talk to the females in particular about the essence of Valentine’s and try to enlighten the beauty of valentine day, not the negative part that has been seen for a while in Nigeria. We also talked to the girls in the school about the use of panty liners and female hygiene during the menstrual cycle. February 14th is a beautiful day that has practically love in the air.

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