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Children’s Day Celebration, Abuja

The Children’s Day is an annual event celebrated in honor of children in Nigeria, and it is usually marked with lots of fun activities and gifts. The celebration in Abuja, this year, took place at the Abuja Children’s Home in Karu, where volunteers from the Naza Agape Foundation visited to celebrate with the children.

Upon the arrival of the volunteers, they held prayers and conducted medical checkups for the children in an organized manner. The medical checkups included free sugar levels and high blood pressure tests, which the children participated in with excitement. The volunteers answered the children’s health-related questions regarding the examinations, and the children were delighted to receive the answers.

The highlight of the celebration for the children was the receipt of various gift items such as dresses, clothes, shoes, books, pencils, pens, and bags. The gifts were given out with love, and the children appreciated them a lot. In addition to the gift items, the children learned how to make cupcakes, which made their Children’s Day even more enjoyable and enhanced their vocational skills.

The orphanage home that the volunteers visited in Karu had a diverse age group, ranging from three months to twenty-six years old. This made the celebration even more fun, as different activities suited the different age groups. The Naza Agape Foundation made a positive impact and touched the lives of everyone involved, with active participation from all.

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