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Children’s Day Celebration, Lagos

The Lagos Children’s Day celebration was a special event that took place at the Little Saints Orphanage, located near Carpenter Bus stop, Abule Egba. The event was organized by a group of volunteers who aimed to teach the children various skills and provide them with a fun-filled day to remember.

The event kicked off with an address to the children at the orphanage, followed by an opening prayer. The volunteers introduced themselves and explained the purpose of their visit, which was to teach the children various skills and provide them with a memorable experience. The children were excited to participate, and they eagerly listened to the volunteers.

The first session was an Interior Decoration class, led by one of the volunteers who was an expert in the field. The children learned how to decorate a room, and they enthusiastically participated in the session. They learned different techniques and tips on how to make a room look beautiful and cozy.

After the Interior Decoration class, another class was held for Tie and Dye, with Miss Jessica, also known as Apéké Aládiire aka Ini couleurs, as the facilitator. Tie and Dye is a fabric dyeing technique that involves tying knots on a piece of fabric and then dipping it in dye. The children were taught this technique and were delighted to create a beautiful Adiire T-shirt during this session. They used different colors and designs to make their Adiire tee shirts unique and special.

To capture the event’s essence, there was a photo session to take pictures of the children’s Adiire tee shirts with the facilitators. The children were excited to pose for the pictures, and they proudly showed off their Adiire creations.

The event coincided with the birthday celebration of one of the volunteers and a girl at the orphanage. The birthday was celebrated with songs, dances, and a cake-cutting ceremony. The volunteers and teachers at the orphanage were appreciated and given refreshments. The children also received gifts and snacks, which they enjoyed.

Every volunteer received a Certificate of Participation to acknowledge their efforts and contributions to the event. More pictures and videos were taken to capture the event’s essence and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

The orphanage’s matron sincerely thanked the Foundation for the donated items, and the volunteers were happy to contribute to a worthy cause. The children were grateful for the experience and the skills they learned during the event. Overall, the celebration was filled with joy and fun, leaving the children and everyone involved happy and appreciative.

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