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LocationPlateau stateYear2021Share

The project is aimed at distributing at least two thousand (2,000) sanitary pads, to girls in rural communities every year, and teaching the girl child on good hygiene. Through this Project, we have been able to give free reusable pads to girls in secondary schools in four different Local Governments of Plateau state Nigeria. This project started on the 5th of November 2021.

The following are some of our success story thus far: -We gave more than 420 reusable sanitary pads to Girls in rural communities. -We spoke to more than 700 girls in the four (4) Government Secondary schools we visited about their personal hygiene and good health. We also informed them about the need for them to embrace their womanhood and not see it as a taboo. -we distributed Free hygiene products to girls in rural communities. This year 2022, we intend to do much more. Join us. Our Target this year, is to reach at least 2,000 girls in rural communities.

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