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LocationPlateau stateYear2022Share

We donated Free Toothbrushes, toothpastes, washing and bathing soaps, mosquito repellents and a full box of clothes and also 4 big bags clothes, shoes for children and women.

Free Medical talk and free medical check-up was done for the people

The people impacted were: 192 registered and 28 unregistered making a total of 220 people; men, women and children.

Dr. Peace* had a talk on cleanliness, exercise and nutrition with them. *Our special guests, the medical doctors checked their weight and blood pressure and also gave them professional advice on how to take care of themselves better

Toothpastes, toothpastes, bathing/washing soaps, clothes, shoes and mosquito repellents were given to them. We were able to reach out to *five villages* namely; Kuzen, Kura Berom, Tissan, Dorrong and Dusin. We took pictures and ended with a word of prayer. It was successful and a very wonderful outreach. We had challenges with the road because it is really bad. They have a lot of potholes and the environment seems quiet and peaceful. 

A big thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, and partners
A special appreciation to The partners: *GoFundMe Organizers* Yemisi Lawal and Lola Falaye.

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