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Peace Gyang’s Impact Project

In the radiant light of volunteerism, a true hero emerged within the Naza Agape Foundation family. Peace Gyang, a dedicated volunteer, embarked on a remarkable journey of impact. Her mission: is to weave positive change within her community by imparting knowledge at Obasanjo Model School, Jos, throughout the months of January to August 2021.

With a heart devoted to education and community upliftment, Peace selflessly extended her time and expertise, becoming a guiding light for eager minds. She recognized that some of the young hearts were yearning for more than just learning; they needed educational materials and a comforting voice of guidance.

In her commitment to a brighter future, Peace saw beyond the classroom walls. She recognized that education is not only about textbooks and assignments but also about nurturing the emotional well-being of these young souls. This realization gave birth to a vision for the year 2022 – a plan to provide not just educational materials but also counseling, a nurturing hand that will shape not only their academic journey but their personal growth as well.

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