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School Tour

The foundation, in collaboration with the Women of Foresight, a non-governmental organization, conducted the “SCHOOL TOUR” campaign, visiting four schools to engage in meaningful discussions with adolescents. The aim was to enlighten them about the consequences of their actions and decisions while encouraging them to uphold righteous values and live exemplary lives. The campaign sought to address topics that often go undiscussed with young people, educating them on issues that directly affect their lives.

In total, we visited four schools in Plateau State, Nigeria, namely:
1. Success and Unity Secondary School, Jos.
2. Trinity Academy, Jos.
3. Full Assurance International Academy, Jos.
4. COCIN Secondary School, Rankyeng, Jos-South.

During our visits to these schools, we tackled three main issues that are relevant to adolescents: drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and the challenges of puberty and adolescence. Each school session was facilitated by three volunteers, who delivered talks on the specified topics.

To acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the students, we awarded the neatest and best-performing students with gifts after each visit.  The school tour was carried out all through June.

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