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LocationPlateau stateYear2021Share

The Foundation beautifully celebrated children’s day with the children at Rachis community. The founder, along with several other volunteers travelled down to the community and were warmly welcomed by the community head and occupants of the community.

The foundation came along with items like clothes, foodstuff, cake and many other gift items to celebrate with the children. The founder gave words of hope and encouragement to the children and parents present.

The volunteers involved the children in fun-filled activities like dancing and many other beautiful games. The cutting of the cake was not left out in the celebration, snacks and sweets were all available for the children.

Donation of food items and clothes was done to the parents and children of the community as the event came to an end.

The founder interviewed some children and parents who expressed bitterly major challenges they face in the community like; lack of healthcare facilities and very poor education systems. Others we observed include malnourished and poorly clothed children.

The foundation through the founder promised to reach out to them in every way possible to help out with some of the challenges.

We recorded a total of about one hundred and fifty(150) participants with over a hundred(100) children and about twenty(20) parents.

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