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Naomi’s Matriculation

We were filled with immense happiness last Tuesday as we witnessed one of the beneficiaries of the Naza Agape Foundation, Naomi Nanpon, successfully enter a Veterinary School in Plateau State, Nigeria. This event marked a significant moment of accomplishment, especially considering the challenges she overcame as a girl pursuing education.

Naomi’s journey was not without obstacles. Her family faced the impacts of insurgencies, financial constraints, poverty, and despair. Despite their limited resources, they managed to support her elder brother’s education, leaving Naomi without financial assistance. She was encouraged to seek help wherever she could find it.

This is where our founder’s interaction with Naomi began. Back in 2018, shortly after graduating from Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria, a calling emerged to provide free education within the Geo-sciences IDP, an internally displaced camp affected by conflicts. Over 5,000 individuals were displaced, including orphans, children raised by single mothers, and others facing adversity. Among them, she encountered numerous remarkable, intelligent, and promising children.

These young minds couldn’t return to their homes or farms due to the destruction caused by the conflicts. Many had lost family members. Naomi stood out with her strong desire for education and exceptional aptitude. Recognizing her dedication to learning, we took her under our wing, offering support for her well-being and education.

Naomi remained resolute in her faith and determination, despite the challenges that could have diverted her. Today, we are thrilled to witness her progress toward fulfilling her dream of becoming a graduate.

While the camp eventually disbanded, some peers of Naomi were forced into early marriages, teenage pregnancies, or lost interest in education due to financial constraints. This is a heart-wrenching reality that continues to impact me.

We did what we could to extend support to as many as possible within our means. Some ventured into businesses with the foundation’s backing, while others received educational support through Naza’s collaborative partners.

we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Naomi’s sponsors via the foundation: Olabisi Akinbinu, B.ed., MSc., Chidinma Ezenwa, and David Ojimba. These individuals have provided mentorship, covered school fees, and taken on various responsibilities to bolster Naomi’s journey.

We also wish to thank the enduring partner organizations of Naza Agape Foundation, particularly Cedar Tribe (established by Temitope Ogwu), Smile Network (founded by Pst. Onyekachukwu Ogwu), Zero Gate Labs (founded by David Ojimba), Support Black Charities, and numerous others. Your continuous support over the past four years and counting is deeply appreciated.

Numerous children share Naomi’s aspirations. I invite you to join our efforts in turning their dreams into reality. Become a part of their success stories.

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