IMPACT PROJECT is an initiative of Naza Agape Foundation to reach out to children, privileged and less privileged alike, during this present Corona pandemic. It is targeted at teaching nursery and primary school children at their various communities by volunteers of the foundation. This project is aimed at engaging these children mentally and productively and our target is at least a thousand children in Nigeria and beyond.


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Each volunteer of the foundation is required to organise and teach children from their respective neighbourhoods. These children that would be taught could be siblings of the volunteer or children a block or two away.

The subjects which would be taught are:

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Personal hygiene (given the current situation in the world)
  4. Any other subjects of choice.


Given the current condition in the world, a high level of personal hygiene is strictly required to be practiced while teaching both by the children and the tutor and in view of that, a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of (10) is the accepted number of children a volunteer should bring together and it should be taking into account that wearing of face masks and the use of hand sanitizers/soap is of utmost importance. Volunteers who live close to each other are permitted to work together to teach children of their neighbourhood.


  1. All round quality education for the children
  2. A boost in the mental health, self-confidence.

So far from the IMPACT PROJECT we have being able to impact the lives of about 300 children across the globe and we are still counting. We intend to teach at least 1000 children before the resumption of schools.

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