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Project Feed 5000

Project Feed 5000 is a project that is geared towards reducing hunger at its peak by going to rural communities suffering from hunger thereby providing cooked meal, food items and water; we accomplished this by partnering with individuals and organizations that are focused on supporting the less privileged.

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According to FAO “Africa has the highest prevalence of undernourishment for nearly 21% of the population is affected.” This Naza Agape Foundation (NAF) took it upon herself to help reduce the high level of hunger in Africa, especially Nigeria. This is in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero hunger. It is to this effect that the foundation targets to feed Five Thousand (5,000) People ranging from children to adults within Jos, Abuja, and Lagos communities every year. In the year 2019, we fed 3000 less privileged in Nigeria. We did not achieve it on our own, we partnered with 10 organizations to achieve such feat. In the year 2020, from January to September, we fed 1000 less privileged in Lagos, Ogun, Plateau states, and Abuja (FCT) Nigeria. In December 2020, we were able to feed and clothe about 700 people through our partnership with In Service Of Humanity Charity Foundation (ISOH) and Hopeful Living Inc. We supported the following villages/communities namely; KUZEN, KURRA BEROM, TISSAN, KAKKURUK, KACHING, KPWABIDUK, NINGON, KUFANG, KURRA. These villages are all located in Gashish, Barkin Ladi Local Government of Plateau state, Nigeria. Thus far through this PROJECT, we have been able to feed about 4,700 persons in Nigeria and still counting. Project Feed 5000 is now a household project that is here to stay in NAF. This Project is done twice every year across the nation of Nigeria.  
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